Wednesday, November 11, 2009

WOOOHOOO....the photoshoot this morning was a lot of fun!!! Thanks Danielle....this girl is so good! I know you don't like hearing that, but get used to it! I am so excited to share some photos and over the next few days I hope to get it all listed on is a ink to my page, and also wanted to announce a HUGE giveaway...we are doing the 12 Days of Thanksgiving!

This is the schedule:

15-FREE stained glass twirl skirt- You will receive a chance for each of the following: following the blog, becoming a fan of our facebook page, blogging and posting the link and by posting a comment on facebook or on my blog
16-20% off Glace Christmas line...this line is limited in the amount of fabric that I have...once it is gone, it's gone so please convo me on styles and sizes so I can double check....I have not cut anything out ahead of time
17-FREE 30 inch blanket with the purchase of a lounge set (first 3 customers)
18-$15 skirt sale
19-FREE initial tee with any purchase, limited to stock on hand, colors and sizes
20-$18 ruffle bottom pants
21-FREE shipping
22-20% off any one item
23-$10 off your purchase totaling $25 or more before shipping
24-FREE shipping
25-10% off entire purchase
26-FREE jumper or knot dress...all those who purchased during the sale will go into a drawing for a free knot jumper or dress of their choosing, fabrics may be limited to stock on hand, but I will make sure there is enough to choose from!

Monday, November 2, 2009

it all comes to a hault!

So...I was so excited that I started my Christmas pieces finally and a couple are already listed on etsy. For weeks I have been sketching what to do especially with Moda's is simply GORGEOUS...and that is lightly! I would feel the fabric, look at my sketches, lay the fabrics in different orders and repeat that over again...until Thursday night when I finally decided to cut it and not only cut, but also had time to serge and iron much of it! The goal was to drop off a few pieces at my friends house who is helping me with the photography...until the weekend hit!

Caroline went to the neighbor's house on Thursday morning so I could get a few things cleaned up around the house before our 11am appraisal...another long story. Before bringing her over there the mother called to tell me that her son woke up with a bit of a cough but I was still welcomed to bring her over if i wanted. Well...I am not one to get all freaky about colds and sickness, the kids will get it, it, I will admit that I was being a little selfish in hopes to just get a few more things done before the appraisal.

FAST FORWARD...Friday morning, I get a call from my neighbor, she is at Children's hospital with her son who was admitted via ambulance with pnemonia a complication from H1N1...AHHH!! So, I am on the phone with nurses and doctors and no one has advice other than to watch and treat any symptoms that may arise...and get this it can take up to 5-10 days to show what are we supposed to do until then? So I am all worried about who we may infect unknowingly. Anyway it came...Sat she started with a fever and a slight cough, but Sunday all 3 children have fevers and coughs and by Monday morning so does mommy and she is throwing up! AHHHH, quick reminder of why I should not have a 4th baby. My heart would be in it, but my body is out for the count!

So...back to the Christmas outfits...they are still laying on the ironing board where they were left 4 nights ago just begging to be finished. I can't wait to share them!

Monday, October 12, 2009

I said I would...

post again before 6 months was up! :) Well, we didn't make it to the Y this morning, guess I will have to look up zumba on youtube and do it in the living room with the kiddos. I spent a bit of time revamping the look of my etsy shop a little bit yesterday and I am loving the new banner!

I hope to get a few items listed in there this week...pieces from fall. to cut the pieces for the Christmas sets and dresses....stay tuned...there will be a giveaway!

thought I would share a pic of my youngest cutie....

Sunday, October 11, 2009


OK, so back in March I said it was too long since I last blogged and here we go again! That was over 6 months ago! UNREAL! Time is flying...but so much good has happened. We are now selling in a well known children's boutique in Mequon, PSues. I am very excited about this and the owner, Pam is nothing short of a wonderful, wonderful person!

I am now going to make a goal of getting things in my etsy store, I reserved that name now I believe over a year ago and have yet to really use it. Also, on my to do list is to revamp this blog and make it fit my style.

I owe a big thanks to Candace for getting my butt in gear and pushing me to do this, I think it shall be good. I go to work on some images and get things rolling...stay tuned....I vow to not let it go 6 months again!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Oh, wow! It has been way too long since I have last posted. I have been sewing up a storm for my "mock" trial run trunk show on Wednesday. I am trying to get my samples done and as I am sewing one, my head is going in circles thinking of the next one I want to sew. I finally decided to start a sketch book to draw them instead of stopping and cutting more fabric. I have also been OBSSESSING ove fabrics...right now I am working with 4 different collections but would really like to add another 3-4...still hammering that out. I feel like as soon as I do it will be July and I wil need to start showing the fall line! OK, now I am feeling overwhelmed again! Be back soon with photos of my pieces in progress, gotta go sew!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


That is what I said when I got off the phone with the man at the sewing repair shop....$120-130 repair for my serger! I should be spending that money on fabric not getting my machine fixed. I guess that's what happens when you are a self-taught seamstress! I shoved too much fabric in there trying to attach ruffles to a bodice and snap one of the loopers broke. Plus, I wasn't using the blade to cut the fabric...guess I will learn real quick now!

Well, as of last night I have my first trunk show scheduled for March 18th, and a second tentatively planned for April! I am so excited. I also contacted a local salon and spa to see if they might be interested in carrying a few pieces. I cannot express how badly I would love for all of this to work out! I need to do a little research about how to do a trunk show, what to offer...I think at least in the beginning it will be a fun social time for moms and I will just come with the fabrics that I have and can get at the time. Hopefully one day I will be able to purchase full bolts and have a "line" for that season.

A good friend of mine will be doing my photography, but in the meantime I am thinking I should still try to get a few photos posted. Still working on which styles I should produce as samples for the shows. Anyway...this friend is currently working on starting her photography business, Striped Tights Photography, and does beautiful work. She is currently working on her business plan and I am starting to think I should do the same thing. Make it official instead of working from my notebook full of numbers and my sketchbook with my sketches.

Monday, February 23, 2009

more fabric!?!?

Alright, so I think I may be ordering yet more fabric....however, I forgot to mention that one of the thread holders in my serger broke and that has put a hault to all of my sewing for now. I guess I better get that fixed quickly. I have a few deadlines looming 1. a tentative "trunk" show at a friends house, mostly just to help start a little buzz and market my pieces and 2. our school dinner auction donation. I think I had better drop it off tomorrow.

I am just loving Amy Butler's new Daisy Chain line, especially the blues and greens, it is a nice change for little girls clothing colors! Those fabrics have been making just the darling little dresses. They remind me of some Gap lines from last year and they will be perfect options for matching sibling sets for beach pictures....LOVE IT! There is a stripe that I am thinking about making some clam diggers or board shorts for my boys and a
little sundress for my daughter! Now if we can just get rid of all of this snow so we can go to the beach for pictures! Maybe during our Spring Break to visit Oma & Opa in North Carolina!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

finally starting my blog goes....I reserved this blog name to go with my business name which I also reserved a while ago for that moment when I felt that I was truly going to be dedicated. I think it is now. I am done with excuses. The kiddos are happy and healthy, yes busy, the housework can wait, but this is also the time I need to start pursuing my dream! I am going to officially start a little posh, for some reason I like to keep the letters lowercase, I still have not figured out why.

The name, why the name? I am not exactly sure, the word posh is interesting to me...elegant and fashionable, and for some reason it has this connotation of higher quality, class or cost., the part a little then means that it is just a little bit of those things, not over the top and that it is for those that are little...children!