Sunday, October 11, 2009


OK, so back in March I said it was too long since I last blogged and here we go again! That was over 6 months ago! UNREAL! Time is flying...but so much good has happened. We are now selling in a well known children's boutique in Mequon, PSues. I am very excited about this and the owner, Pam is nothing short of a wonderful, wonderful person!

I am now going to make a goal of getting things in my etsy store, I reserved that name now I believe over a year ago and have yet to really use it. Also, on my to do list is to revamp this blog and make it fit my style.

I owe a big thanks to Candace for getting my butt in gear and pushing me to do this, I think it shall be good. I go to work on some images and get things rolling...stay tuned....I vow to not let it go 6 months again!

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