Monday, November 2, 2009

it all comes to a hault!

So...I was so excited that I started my Christmas pieces finally and a couple are already listed on etsy. For weeks I have been sketching what to do especially with Moda's is simply GORGEOUS...and that is lightly! I would feel the fabric, look at my sketches, lay the fabrics in different orders and repeat that over again...until Thursday night when I finally decided to cut it and not only cut, but also had time to serge and iron much of it! The goal was to drop off a few pieces at my friends house who is helping me with the photography...until the weekend hit!

Caroline went to the neighbor's house on Thursday morning so I could get a few things cleaned up around the house before our 11am appraisal...another long story. Before bringing her over there the mother called to tell me that her son woke up with a bit of a cough but I was still welcomed to bring her over if i wanted. Well...I am not one to get all freaky about colds and sickness, the kids will get it, it, I will admit that I was being a little selfish in hopes to just get a few more things done before the appraisal.

FAST FORWARD...Friday morning, I get a call from my neighbor, she is at Children's hospital with her son who was admitted via ambulance with pnemonia a complication from H1N1...AHHH!! So, I am on the phone with nurses and doctors and no one has advice other than to watch and treat any symptoms that may arise...and get this it can take up to 5-10 days to show what are we supposed to do until then? So I am all worried about who we may infect unknowingly. Anyway it came...Sat she started with a fever and a slight cough, but Sunday all 3 children have fevers and coughs and by Monday morning so does mommy and she is throwing up! AHHHH, quick reminder of why I should not have a 4th baby. My heart would be in it, but my body is out for the count!

So...back to the Christmas outfits...they are still laying on the ironing board where they were left 4 nights ago just begging to be finished. I can't wait to share them!

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