Friday, April 30, 2010

WOW, the last post was on November 11th!!! And, I said I was going to keep up this time! Well, a lot has changed since then. We finally got working on the addition of our house again and it is almost done! I have a studio now to work in and bring people to. a little posh was part of the Ceadarburg Junior Women's League Wearable Art Show and I was SO surprised at the response! How incredibly flattering. And...the greatest news was 2 days before Christmas we found out that we are expecting baby number 4! I was shocked needless to say. I was seriously heading to the Y more often, trying to watch what I was eating....but I just seriously thought that the 30s were now catching up to me and my metabolism was changing! AHHH....nope, we were 7 weeks pregnant! Pregnancy and me do not get along very well, but the other 3 kids, a wonderful supportive husband and now this business is keeping me from getting too down and out.

I will be back to post more soon, but for now I see that I should change the layout of the site to be maybe a bit more is looking a bit like Christmas on here!

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