Sunday, February 22, 2009

finally starting my blog goes....I reserved this blog name to go with my business name which I also reserved a while ago for that moment when I felt that I was truly going to be dedicated. I think it is now. I am done with excuses. The kiddos are happy and healthy, yes busy, the housework can wait, but this is also the time I need to start pursuing my dream! I am going to officially start a little posh, for some reason I like to keep the letters lowercase, I still have not figured out why.

The name, why the name? I am not exactly sure, the word posh is interesting to me...elegant and fashionable, and for some reason it has this connotation of higher quality, class or cost., the part a little then means that it is just a little bit of those things, not over the top and that it is for those that are little...children!

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