Tuesday, February 24, 2009


That is what I said when I got off the phone with the man at the sewing repair shop....$120-130 repair for my serger! I should be spending that money on fabric not getting my machine fixed. I guess that's what happens when you are a self-taught seamstress! I shoved too much fabric in there trying to attach ruffles to a bodice and snap one of the loopers broke. Plus, I wasn't using the blade to cut the fabric...guess I will learn real quick now!

Well, as of last night I have my first trunk show scheduled for March 18th, and a second tentatively planned for April! I am so excited. I also contacted a local salon and spa to see if they might be interested in carrying a few pieces. I cannot express how badly I would love for all of this to work out! I need to do a little research about how to do a trunk show, what to offer...I think at least in the beginning it will be a fun social time for moms and I will just come with the fabrics that I have and can get at the time. Hopefully one day I will be able to purchase full bolts and have a "line" for that season.

A good friend of mine will be doing my photography, but in the meantime I am thinking I should still try to get a few photos posted. Still working on which styles I should produce as samples for the shows. Anyway...this friend is currently working on starting her photography business, Striped Tights Photography, and does beautiful work. She is currently working on her business plan and I am starting to think I should do the same thing. Make it official instead of working from my notebook full of numbers and my sketchbook with my sketches.

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